Razor Sharp Studios Limited is an independent and work-for-hire, game development studio founded in late 2011. We have worked for companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment, QBranch Wireless and The Bitmap Brothers. Our work has appeared in countless games on multiple platforms. During our careers we have taken games from pitch to project completion and everything in between.We have also authored libraries, demos, tools, samples and technical documents for console software development kits in use today worldwide by hundreds of developers and publishers. Razor Sharp Studios works closely with a variety of companies, from small scale indie teams to major AAA development studios

We have agreements in place with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to develop on:
  • PlayStation®4
  • PlayStation®Vita
  • PlayStation®3
  • PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
  • PlayStation®Mobile

What can we bring to your project?

RSS always has something to bring to your project:
  • Boundless energy and enthusiasm
  • Industry expertise: Over a decades worth of industry experience gives our knowledge and understanding the edge.
  • Experience: From startup indie studios to multi-site AAA development and publishing companies. We have worked with all of them
  • Concept development: Creation of completely new projects combining exciting design with accessible gameplay
  • Completion: Completion of unfinished existing projects
  • Expansion: Design and implementation of brand new features or a spin on existing features
  • Refinement: Gameplay balancing, testing and tweaking
  • Process: Tool pipeline analysis and development
  • Consultancy: Development practises, engine evaluation and risk assessments, budget and schedule development, etc.
  • ....and more!


The following is an abreviated list of our skills. For a full list please get in contact.

  • Console development (8+ years)
  • PC development (15+ years)
  • Mobile phone development (Playstation Mobile/iOS)
  • Strong understanding of cross platform development and potential problems
  • Tool and Toolchain development

    Code Art Design
    • Graphics
    • Audio
    • Gameplay
    • Core engine technologies
    • Platform and general optimisation
    • Technical documentation

    • Concept art
    • Character modelling
    • Environment art
    • Rigging and animation
    • Normal mapping
    • Texturing
    • FMV cut-scenes
    • Concept development
    • Gameplay development
    • Idea progression
    • Level design
    • Gameplay balancing

    Managing Director: Antony Bowler

    Antony Bowler Antony Bowler is the founder and Managing Director of Razor Sharp Studios Limited. He has over a decade of experience in the video game industry and has worked with many well known developers and publishers during his career. Prior to founding Razor Sharp Studios, he worked on games and technology for companies such as; Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, The Bitmap Brothers and QBranch Wireless. Specialising in multiple disciplines, including gameplay, graphics, audio, and core engine technology. Antony is the driving force behind the company.